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Who is Brodieshredz
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Meet Brodieshredz, the online content creator, social media personality, and YouTube star whose real name is Brodie Falgoust. With millions of followers on social media, Brodieshredz is famous for his fitness-related videos, weight lifting, and diet tips. He also provides online coaching and advice to his fans and followers. Today, we’ll dive deep into his personal life, like Brodieshredz height, weight, and Physique, also explore what makes him a famous fitness influencer. Are you ready to know Who is Brodieshredz? Let’s get started!

Brodieshredz weight

Brodieshredz Biography

Brodieshredz, also known as Brodie Falgoust, is a famous online fitness influencer and social media personality. He became popular by creating interesting content related to fitness, weight lifting, and diet.

What sets Brodie apart from others is that he not only entertains his followers with his videos but also coaches and advises them to achieve their fitness goals. Previously, he shared a video detailing his daily food intake, starting with his morning coffee. He also posted a video where he consumed 10,000 calories and then tried to burn them off.

Apart from fitness, Brodie also loves playing baseball and has a career as a Baseball Roster. If you want to know more about his baseball career, you can find it online.

Brodie was born on September 9, 1998, and hails from Louisiana, United States of America. If you want to know more about him, read on.

Brodieshredz Wikipedia

Real NameBrodie Falgoust
Famous forFitness Influencer
Age26 Years
Birthday9th September 1998
Home TownLouisiana, United States of America
Lives inBayou Beouf, Los Angeles
High SchoolE.D. White Catholic High
BrotherDillon Falgoust
FriendLuke Elsman
Collin Borne
GirlfriendDating Someone
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight75 Kg
Arm Size / Bicep size14 inch
Net Worth$1000000 to $5000000

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Brodieshredz real name

Brodieshredz Age and Birthday

How old is Brodieshredz? If you’re a fan of him, you might be curious about Brodieshredz age and birthday. He is 26 years old and was born on September 9th. His healthy diet makes him so young and fit.

Brodieshredz Height and Weight

How tall is Brodieshredz? As Brodieshredz’s popularity increases, fans have become increasingly curious about his personal life. Many wonder how tall he is. After verifying his social profiles, it has been found that Brodieshredz height is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm, and also Brodieshredz weight is 75 kg. His bicep size or arm size is 14th inches. But some of his followers are worried about whether is Brodieshredz natural.

Brodieshredz Real Name

He is widely known as Brodieshredz. But, his real name is Brodie Falgoust. Now he is so famous that people around the world follow him and are inspired by him.

Brodieshredz Girlfriend

Although there is currently no information available about Brodieshredz girlfriend, there have been some rumors circulating that he may be dating someone. However, at this time, there is no confirmation about this speculation. Brodieshredz seems to keep his personal life private, and he has not shared any details about his love life with his fans.

Brodieshredz height

Brodieshredz Friend and Gym Partner

According to his profile, Brodie has two close friends at the gym – Luke Elsman and Collin Borne. It’s always great to have a supportive group of friends with similar interests and fitness goals.

Brodieshredz Net Worth

Brodieshredz has millions of followers on his social media profiles. He promotes fashion brands like YoungLa and supplement brands. This helps him earn millions of dollars from monetization, brand deals, and sponsorships. After analyzing all the factors, we expect Brodieshredz net worth to be between $1000000 to $5000000.

People Ask About Brodieshredz

Who is Brodieshredz?

He is a fitness influencer, who loves to share content in gyms.

How old is Brodieshredz?

He is a 26-year fitness influencer.

How tall is Brodieshredz?

His height is 5 feet 8 inches.

How much does Brodieshredz weight?

His weight is 75 kg.

Where does Brodieshredz live?

Currently, he lives in Bayou Beouf, Los Angeles.

What gym does Brodieshredz go to?

He goes to a gym situated in Shred City.

Is Brodieshredz natural?

Yes, in our opinion he is 100% natural.

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