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Dr Ed Salinger Biography
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Welcome to the inspiring story of Dr Ed Salinger, a 90-year-old man from California who is capturing the hearts of millions of people worldwide through his informative and heartwarming posts about dementia on TikTok. Despite his age and health challenges, Dr. Ed Salinger has become one of the most engaging personalities on the platform, with over 2 million followers.

In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the life of Dr. Ed Salinger, including his age, Wikipedia, wife, net worth, and the inspiring story of his journey with his family. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible story of this remarkable man making a difference in the world.

Dr Ed Salinger
Dr. Ed Salinger

Dr Ed Salinger Biography

Dr Ed Salinger is an extraordinary man who has captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. He is a 90-year-old individual who has been battling dementia, but that has not stopped him from leading a fulfilling life. With the help of his loving son, Dan Salinger, Dr. Salinger has become an internet sensation with over 2 million followers on TikTok.

For the past year, Dr. Salinger has been living with his family, who have been providing him with the care and support he needs. Despite going through the symptoms of dementia such as short-term memory loss, Dr. Salinger is happy to help and raise awareness about dementia. He believes that his experiences can help others understand and empathize with those who are going through similar challenges.

Dan Salinger has been Dr. Salinger’s pillar of support, helping him navigate the world of social media and bring awareness to dementia. Together, they have become one of the most beloved personalities on TikTok, inspiring millions of people worldwide with their resilience and positivity.

Dr. Salinger’s story is an inspiring one, showing that despite the challenges life throws at us, we can still lead meaningful lives with the love and support of those around us. His journey has touched the hearts of many, and his legacy will continue to inspire others for generations to come.

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Dr Ed Salinger Wikipedia

NameDr. Ed Salinger
Age90 Years
Birthday26th March 1932
Live inElk Grove, California
WifeMrs. Salinger
SonDan Salinger
DiseasesDementia, short-term memory loss.
Net Worth$250k to $500k

Dr. Ed Salinger Age and Birthday

How old is Dr Ed Salinger? Dr. Ed Salinger’s age is 90 years as of 2024, according to our research. He was born on 26th March 1932. It’s fascinating to think about the significant changes that have taken place in the world during his lifetime. Dr. Salinger has undoubtedly witnessed many significant events throughout his personal and professional life. We wish him good health and happiness on his birthday and for many years to come.

Dr Ed Salinger Wife and Family

Dr. Ed Salinger, a prominent figure in his field, has a wife whose name we have found to be Mrs. Salinger. It is unclear what Mrs. Salinger’s profession or interests are, but she is likely supportive of her husband’s work.

Recently, Dr. Salinger has been dealing with an illness that required him to move in with his son. Last year, his son welcomed him into their house located in Elk Grove, California. It is unclear what Dr. Salinger’s illness is, however, it is heartening to know that he has the support of his family during this difficult time.

Dr Ed Salinger and his Wife at Young Age
Dr. Ed Salinger and his wife at young Age

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Dr Ed Salinger Net Worth

Lately, there has been a lot of curiosity on the internet regarding Dr. Ed Salinger’s net worth. Although there is no verified data available about his earnings, it is known that he was a doctor, and his son and Ed both earned some amount from their social media. After analyzing all the factors, we estimate that Dr. Ed Salinger’s net worth lies between $250000 to $500000.


Who is Dr. Ed Salinger?

He is 90 years old man, suffering from Dementia.

Where is Dr. Ed Salinger from?

He is from California.

How old is Dr Ed Salinger?

He is 90 years old.

Is Dr Ed Salinger still alive?

Yes, he is still alive, he turns 90 years on 26th March.

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  1. Barbara McCurry

    Dr Ed Salinger does not have a wife at this time. He was married to Joann then he married Danielle’s mother who passed away and he has not remarried

    1. Beth

      I do not think his second wife was Danyelle’s mother

      1. Claudette

        Yes the second wife was Danielle’s mother

    2. Lotta

      He married his daughter in law’s mother?

  2. Margaret Crymes

    Does Ed still go to Mark’s?

    1. Regina

      I think they stopped taking him there because it was confusing him. I really think they should get another caregiver that could spend time with him and treat him the way he supposed to be treated.

      1. Lotta

        I think it also was very rough on Mark to have him all alone half of the time. They found that it would be better that he stayed only with Dan/-ielle (😉🤭). I don’t understand what you mean with finding another caregiver that would treat him the way he is supposed to be treated. Do you mean that he is not treated the way he is supposed to now??? Thanks for clarifying! 🤗💛

  3. laura

    Do we know that Ed gave permission to be in these humiliating videos? Or is it just Dan and Danielle’s idea to make money?

  4. Regina

    Laura I think they are just using him to make money on social media definitely most of the time the camera is on Dan’s face or Danielle’s face and it is always left in the back walking by himself and all she says at the end is there it is. Her tone of voice is atrocious to Ed. And they never mention about the Son Adam who’s in jail for child molestation which is Dan’s brother.

    1. Lotta

      Regina, I see that you already answered here what I asked about above, so no need to answer over again! The only thing I just don’t get, is why they should address the brother/son who is in jail for child molestation. Why should they talk about that here, it is not a natural topic, I think. Also, if they brought it up with Ed, it could cause a lot of frustration, I would think. Something like that is naturally very difficult for family members! There is one thing I must agree that annoys me, and that is the tag-line (is that the right word?) of Danielle’s, «There you have it!». I think she thinks and means to be funny, but I don’t find it funny, just annoying. Otherwise I really like Danielle. Her way of talking loud to be heard by Ed, easily can be misunderstood, but I think she is very loved by Ed, and that says a lot! She is the only one he never forgets. She is just a very straight forward type. She cares for Ed very well, I believe.

      1. Rachel

        Just to let you know…..Adam Salinger is not in jail for child molestation, and never has been. This allegation is completely false and is a flat out lie! It’s sick, the untrue things people will come up with about another person and loosely toss about the internet, like it’s no big deal.

    2. Rachel

      Regina…..Where on Earth did you come up with this hideous and untrue notion that Adam Salinger is in jail for child molestation? That is not the kind of accusation that you just go throwing around about someone without knowing it to be factual. You can get yourself into some really hot water(legal trouble) for defamation of character for spreading lies about someone like that…and you should be held accountable in my opinion! Making up such falsehoods like that could destroy a person’s career, family, reputation, etc. and ruin their life! Let’s hope, for your sake, that you haven’t made any other false allegations like this about Adam Salinger, or any other members of this family, online anywhere else! Shame on you!

  5. [email protected]

    quidem voluptatem perspiciatis dolor quia aut praesentium. est sint vero iusto voluptatem unde ab aperiam quod qui est et qui. explicabo non suscipit iste quis ut ex iusto ullam deserunt vel officiis

  6. Lotta

    C’mon – He was born in 1932 and you think that means he is 90 years old in 2024? You guys need to go back to school!!!

    He is 92!!!

    And, he has NO WIFE!!! He is single now and he lives with his son Dan and daughter in law Danielle!

  7. Irene Dingey

    Hey Dan, the word Mohs comes from a Dr Fredrick Mohs. I googled it, read about it for yourself. Cheer Irene in Aussie land

  8. Connie Kerns

    Did Ed go to medical school at Iowa? He often wears an Iowa shirt!

  9. Derek Fordley

    If you notice Ed himself never brings up Adam either so before he started showing signs of dementia it must of been very traumatic for him to deal with and the additional stress could of amplified his symptoms or expedited them. I think Dan and Daniel do a great job caring for him and honestly as a daughter in law she has a ton of patience. I’m sure in the beginning it could not of been easy to agree to have him move in full time. That would be hard on any family.

    1. Rachel

      Derek….That information about Adam Salinger being in jail is completely false. No such thing has ever happened or ever even been of question. It’s just a sick and disgusting lie someone thinks is ok to spread about someone else.

  10. Leticia

    I think Danielle is doing a great job! Being a caregiver is a really a tough job. People who are so quick to judge Danielle are so ignorant. Put yourselves in her shoes and then you can judge. God bless Ed and wish the best to his family.

  11. Chandra Dawe

    Ed was married to Joanne at first and that’s Dan and Marks and the sisters mother .Josh has a different mother

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