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Baraa Bolat is a German-Iraqi social media influencer, writer, humanitarian, chef, and entrepreneur. Among the many of its popular YouTube video blogs is the Social Experiment, hijab transformation, and Generally Being a Muslim Woman YouTube video blog.

She is also responsible for organizing the Barbara Innocence Show, a charity event that seeks to raise funds for them. For instance, Bolat is a highly active person who is championing social justice issues in their respective community. 

This is an ambitious lady with her own brand in the fashion world. She has become a role model for young Muslims, as many girls look up to her.

Baraa Bolat
Baraa Bolat

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Baraa Bolat Biography

He was born in Vienna, Austria in 1928 as Bolat. The character is Muslim and veiled. She has taken pride in her family, faith, and Muslim women at large.

In addition, her YouTube channel hosts similar videos. Also, she has thousands of followers on her Instagram account, where she uploads photos and videos about her life. Bolat is an entrepreneur, and his food products are thriving. She also represented some brands through her roles as a brand ambassador.

Bolat mentors the youth positively and is an optimist. They can be an example that one can really make it in this world regardless of their origins and beliefs.

Baraa Bolat Wikipedia

Real Name Baraa Bolat
How old is Valentina Chait28 years Old
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birth PlaceVienna, Austria
Birth day13 March 1995
Net Worth 2023$100k to $1M
OccupationEntrepreneur, Model, TikTok Star, YouTube Star
FatherComing Soon
HusbandAbdullhamit Bolat
Family LifeTunisian heritage

Baraa Bolat Career

Baraa Bolat is a model, entrepreneur, and a public activist from Palestine-Austria. She has gained fame for having featured in the ninth season of Austria’s Next Top Model and has ranked as the 4th position. She is also the founder of the charity, “provide aid to Palestine people w/bara bolat,” which gives refugees in Gaza basic needs like food, healthcare, etc.

Baraz Bolat is another social media influencer and content creator who is famous for posting food and lifestyle videos on TikTok. The platform has more than 2.8 million followers for her and over 43.4 million likes. Her fashion hijab transformation videos are popular and have been viewed by millions.

Besides her modeling and charitable activities, Bolat is also an accomplished businessperson. Amongst others, she owns her fashion collection and also runs a cosmetics business.

The physical appearance of Baraa Bolat

She is a social media influencer who posts recipes and lifestyle content. She stands at five feet six and weighs 120 pounds.

Baraa Bolat Age and Birthday

How old is Baraa Bolat? Her followers want to know her age and birthday, our team researched and found out that Baraa Bolat’s Age is 28 years old. Every 19th March her friends and family celebrate her birthday.

who is baraa bolat
Baraa Bolat

Baraa Bolat Diet

Baraa Bolat is a digital creator, an author, a humanitarian, and an entrepreneur chef. She has an enticing gaze that can only be described as hypnotizing food. She also observes a diet she advocates for in her social platforms.

The Baraa Bolat Diet involves eating a lot of greens, fruits, and wholesome grains. Secondly, it has low levels of processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats. This diet is meant to aid in weight loss, improve one’s general wellness, and make them feel more energized.

Baraa Bolat Net Worth

Estimates put Baraa Bolat’s net worth between one and five million dollars. She has made money through her jobs as a social media influencer, brand partnerships, and donations to her foundation. Apart from being a successful actress, Bolat is also a businesswoman who runs a clothing line.

Aside from being a social media influencer and philanthropist, Bolat is also a public speaker and an advocate for the rights of children. She has addressed conferences and events worldwide and appeared in Forbes, Vogue, and The Huffington Post, among others.

Baraa Bolat Social Media Presence

  • YouTube: An established YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, that features social experiments, vlogs, and challenges. Included here are some of these videos which are titled such as “MUSLIM GOT SLAPPED IN PUBLIC I SOCIAL EXPERIMENT” and “HIJAB TRANSFORMATION IN ISTANBUL”.
  • Instagram: It is active, more than 200k followers, glimpse of her life, even business ventures and humanitarian efforts too. Her bio describes her as a hypnotist, author, chef, entrepreneur and humanitarian.

Other aspects:

  • Author: She is listed as an author in her Instagram bio, though only a little information about her works is available.
  • Humanitarian: Involved actively in support of the orphans on the “Baraa Innocence Show” or other projects.
  • Chef: Another thing listed on her bio which could indicate culinary aspirations or ventures.
  • Entrepreneur: Manages a company called “Baraa Innocence” but little is known about its functionality.


Who is Baraa Bolat?

Baraa Bolat is well known on popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. He writes about food, fashion, and travel, among other things, many times mixing them with his Muslim and Palestinian identity.

What sort of product does Baraa Bolat provide?

The content of Baraa Bolat is varied and thus interesting. He creates a mix of:
Food content: He provides cooking tips and recipes, presents food challenges as well as reviews of his meals.
Fashion and lifestyle: He uses different topics involving outfit inspiration, travel vlogs, beauty tips, and other things in his daily life.
Social commentary: To talk about social problems, religion and what’s in the news among others.

What made Baraa Bolat famous?

Baraa Bolat became popular on TikTok mainly through his food content. His charming personality, distinct sense of style, and positive message struck a chord with viewers.

What is Baraa Bolat mission?

Besides entertaining and educating his audience, Baraa Bolat intends to motivate other people via his works. He also aware good governance, advocating for social justice, and sensitization towards serious problems.

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